How The Body Creates Powerful, Life-Long Immunity Without Vaccination or Immunization

In this video Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist David J. Getoff explains how we develop life-long immunity to infectious diseases by first getting them, and then recovering from them! He explain:

  • Children get immunity from the mother from birth going through the vagina.
  • More immunity is created as the child breast-feeds.
  • As the child is exposed to various bacteria in his or her environment, the immune system identifies it and develops immunity to it if it is pathogenic.
  • It’s not required to have a perfectly clean house or area; it’s not about avoiding the “bad bacteria” but rather it’s about having a properly functioning immune system so that the body can identify and proper deal with any “bad bacteria.”
  • Children died from the “childhood” diseases hundreds of years ago because of improper sanitation, such as drinking from bad water or not bathing frequently enough. The immune system would become overwhelmed and thereby unable to handle infections such as measles, mumps or even chicken pox. As sanitation improved, deaths from childhood diseases decreased. Nearly all vaccines came onto the market only after deaths from the intended disease had already completely dropped to almost zero.

David J. Getoff
Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist


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